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    1. How do i Signup?

  1. If you do not have username or password and you are new visitor on the portal then you just have to move cursor towards login section and click on register link after filling all your personal and business details you can easily signup at the portal and can enjoy the member benefits and start trading.

  2. 2. What methods of payment does steeldalal accept?

  3. We accept payments through any mode of online transaction method via credit/debit card; online banking, UPI, Paytm, razor pay, & we are continuously adding easy modes of online payment method.

  4. 3. How do i cancel my subscription?

  5. To cancel your subscription you just have to disable the auto-renewal option on your account section or you can easily delete your account from the portal.

  6. 4. What do you mean by Premium advertisement?

  7. Premium advertisement stands for (paid advertisement) of a particular post in a highlighted form, suppose if you are paying additional cost for your advertisement then your post will be seen at top on the portal with featured tag and then your post can get quick response from the members.

  8. 5. How do i retrieve my username or password?

  9. To retrieve your login details you just have to click "Login" When the login box appears click "I forgot my password" put in your email address and it will generate an email that will list the username and password associated with that address and you can easily change your password details if you do not find an email at inbox then you can also check spam folder and can fill your new password and then login again.

  10. 6. What if i don’t pay platform fees?

  11. If your deal got matched with the other member according to both of yours mutual understanding at that time you have to pay platform fees if you do not pay at that time you can still check your deal at your account section in as inactive status for rest 24:00 hrs if you do not pay the fees within specified time period then your deal will be automatically remove from there.

  12. 7. How do i update my company information?

  13. To update your company information you just have to go to my account section and from there you can easily edit all your personal or company information.

  14. 8. What if i didn’t get my consignment on time?

  15. is responsible online trading platform all the registered members who trade here our registered entities, still if your consignment got late you can easily contact our customer support team and we will checkout the reason for late delivery and if you choose our logistic service then you can easily track your consignment at your fingertips by just using tracking number provided by our logistic partner your goods will be delivered to you within specified agreed time.

  16. 9. How do you verify the member business background?

  17. Our member verification process is based on automated system as someone registers on our platform and provide his/her business details we ask for GST Number or any other business information quickly we check if the business is registered or not after audit the member register itself successfully.

  18. 10. How my business can grow if i become member?

  19. All registered members would have a large number of buyers and sellers from all over the country anyone can buy or sell iron or steel products in more competitive rates, our portal provides trending latest news of Iron & steel market, All advertisements and their rates will be transparent to all members thus giving better idea of market demand for products and their locations. You have endless option for your business needs so here your business can grow exponentially.

  20. 11. Do you provide logistic support?

  21. Yes we do logistic support as your deal got success with other member automatically our system will ask you for logistic help if you click on it then directly it will take you on our partner page from filling your query there you will get discounts too from them, our logistic partner provides services all over India and you can easily track your consignment on their portal tracking section.

  22. 12. How to increase my rating on the portal?

  23. To increase your member rating on the portal you have to trade more & more as your volume of trade increases your rating gets improved and you can rate other members too on successful dealings. Our members rate each other when the deal gets done.

  24. 13. Can i post advertisement related to any product?

  25. Yes you can post advertisement related to any product from iron & steel industry meanwhile as we are growing we are keep on trying to add new commodity products so that you can trade online in any kind of category.

  26. 14. What do you mean by Trading Zone?

  27. Trading zone is a section on our portal where you can see all the advertisements related to any kind of product or quantity, from there you can bid on post according to your requirements or you want to sell anything basically all trades are available on this particular section.

  28. 15. What if i don’t save my payment details?

  29. There is not any requirement to save your payment details we use secure payment method certified by CC Avenue whenever your membership plans about to expire we will notify you to remember your renew date, if you save your details to auto-renewal mode then your subscription will be automatically renew and you can avail features on the portal.

  30. 16. Do you provide customer support?

  31. Yes we do provide customer support to all our registered users or members, our support team is always available to clear your any doubts.

  32. 17. How to bid on the advertisement?

  33. Generally Advertisements are posted by the Sellers. A Buyer has to click on Adv Id. A new Window will open to enter Buyer's Price, Quantity, Make and Credit Days. Finally Buyer has to click on Start Button to initiate Bid.
  34. This Bid will be sent to Seller's Page. Seller will update his price under Reply Against Your Adv.
  35. Buyer will get Seller's Bid in the same Adv Id under Adv Price and Adv Qty. Buyer can still continue to Bid by clicking the Adv Id until the Deal is Done by the Seller.
  36. Please note that Bid can be done only by Members under Trading Zone.

  37. 18. Is all chats are confidential between Buyer & Seller?

  38. Any negotiation in rates between two members can not be viewed by any other users thus maintains perfect secrecy of the deal. So yes your all chat details with any other member are confidential between you and your other trader member.

  39. 19. Can i check my previous trading details?

  40. Yes you can easily check all your trading details on my account section all your success deals will be there so that you can easily check your previous trading history.

  41. 20. Will you add more commodity products in your platform?

  42. Yes we are on growing stage and we want to provide our members all possible solutions of commodity trading online to make it simple we are keep on trying on adding products or you can also suggest products to us by mailing us at to add your suggested product on platform.

  43. 21. What do you mean by Lucky Trader Contest?

  44. Lucky trader contest is draw which will be held on yearly basis all members can take participate on it the members with heavy trading volume will be declared as Traders of the Year and other members will also be provided with gifts, hampers, vouchers and other momentum.

  45. 22. Who will see my advertisement listed on platform?

  46. Your posted advertisement will be viewable to all other members and visitors on the portal so that anyone can bid and can make interest on your listed advertisement to contact you and you both can agree on all details.

  47. 23. Do you provide any legal support to users for any conflict between two members?

  48. Yes we provide legal support to all of our members for any conflict between two members as all of our members are registered entities and know the business goodwill value but if you have any questions related to any deal you can easily mail us at so that we can handle the entire situation.

  49. 24. What if i login after long period of time?

  50. You can login anytime from anywhere with your username or password all your details will not get be loss from the portal, you just check your plan details whether it is subscribed or have to be renew after making self checking on my account section you can start trading.

  51. 25. Are you registered in India or outside India?

  52. Yes is registered entity brand owned by Khattri Steels Pvt. Ltd which is registered in Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) India.
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