Pricing Policy for SteelDalal

    Chapter I Overview

  • These Rules are formulated in accordance with the steeldalal regulations agreement, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the transaction parties, and to maintain the normal operations of order payment on
  • These Rules govern the collection of offline payments for transactions in the manners prescribed by, including but not limited to the collection by CC Avenue that acts as the Seller's entrusted export and payment collection agency.

  • Chapter II Definitions

  • Article 1 refers to the website and its mobile app.
  • Article 2 Online Transaction refers to the activity in which the Buyer and the Seller conduct transaction through the online trading system and relevant technical services provided by and hence to pay platform fees as a service charged by steeldalal.
  • Article 3 Offline Transaction Order refers to the agreement on payment made for success deal done between the parties, that amount should be paid with mutual understanding within time period.
  • Article 4 CC Avenue is a provider of integrated payment trade services.
  • price
  • Article 5 if the Seller violates these Rules and refuses to cooperate, reserves the right to ban the Seller from using any mode of Transaction services of the platform.
  • Article 6 charges annual fees of INR 2999/Yearly basis that has to be renewed every year by the user.
  • Article 7 Each and every transactions made at are all safe & secured via payment security systems.
  • Article 8 Steeldalal charge 0.5 % platform fee on per trade made at the platform by users (providing support of getting live rates, multiple buyer/seller option, insights, logistic support, marketing & sales support)
  • Article 9 Brand Partnership plans are only be activated by final approval of management, the contract is only made for manufacturers in steel industry.
  • Article 10 On the you are paying for services that you avail at our platform to grow your organization; hence we are not bound for any kind of refund option in any of our platform service.

  • Chapter III Miscellaneous

  • If the Seller who violates fails to appeal within three working days after receiving the notice of violation from, or if such an appeal is overruled, the platform will handle the violation in accordance with these Rules.
  • The platform's handling of violation in accordance with these Rules does not exempt the Seller from its liability for compensation as stipulated by laws and regulations, other rules and protocols of, the transaction contract or any other agreement between the transaction parties.
  • has the right to revise these Rules from time to time according to any amendments to the company.s laws and regulations, changes in the operation environment, and other factors, and the revised rules will come into effect upon expiration of the statutory publicity period. These Rules constitute a part of the Platform Rules.
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