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  • STEELDALAL.COM is online steel trading platform which provides the latest and actual market trend of steel market.
  • STEELDALAL.COM brings multiple users (buyers and sellers) at one negotiation platform providing best suitable deal for the members


  • STEELDALAL.COM is the only site of its kind which provides the biggest market of online steel trading.
  • Buyers would have a large number of sellers and sellers would also find a great amount of buyers one can buy or sell steel in more competitive rates.
  • They will have more transparent & confidential business relationship.
  • STEELDALAL.COM will end the possibility/ fear of unfair trade practices.
  • STEELDALAL.COM is committed to give best services to its members

Lets your Steel business grow with STEELDALAL.



  • Though STEELDALAL.COM the members can purchase and sell their products in bigger/ unreachable markets at better rates/ margins.
  • Any negotiation/ rats between two members cannot be viewed by other users thus maintains perfect secrecy of the deal
  • All advertisements and their rates will be transparent to all members thus giving better idea of market demand for products and their locations.
  • All the final deals taken place on a particular day will be shown in today’s trade. This provides better idea of competitive market rates.
  • LohaMandi is a place, which contains the list of all business concerns related to steel this gives an excellent way for advertising your business.
  • This site provides one free email id per user
  • Through members list an ordinary customer can contact the business organizations listed at STEELDALAL.COM
  • This site provides latest news of Iron & Steel market. In addition there is fortnightly newsletter which will be sent to al subscribers through email.
  • At the members can view all their advertisements and their final deals with other members.
  • At freight page, users can get the latest transportation rates between his and other station.


  • Members can easily buy or sell their products anywhere from this portal and earn huge profits compared to any other source.
  • The chat between two members for pricing and quotation will be hiding from other members; through this your trade will be confidential.
  • Members can easily check prices together of all areas at same location, through these market prices will be clear to all.
  • All Success trades will be shown on page today’s Trade so that members can easily check daily prices of market.
  • The Page with all advertisement will show the requirements & demands of market from their members can deal according of their profile.
  • Loha Mandi page will be full of dealers, manufactures, who deals in Iron etc with complete details this will help to increase business.
  • All members of will be given free one business mail id. The Normal visitor on this portal for products can easily contact you through your business details to deal with you.
  • You will get al details related to steel & iron industry through Members can easily login @Page with and checkout all there advertisements and success deal on it.
  • Members can check Freight charges from their origin to destination place of consignment on page Freight comparing low cost charges.
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